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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (1)

Arthur of Toledo, ohCertified appraiser

Original review: December 29, 2022

I was treated horribly! I called to say I needed an adjoining room for my 30 year old daughter near Midway Airport. She had to catch a flight back to Atlanta. We were there for our mother's funeral. I was assured (because I asked multiple times - at least 6 times) if I would have a room next to my wife and I. I was told yes and they saw no reason why I shouldn't. I also asked about parking fees and again none were given. Nice clean hotel, no complaints. But when my wife opened the door next to us, there was a couple lying on the bed in the room. She was and still is afraid.

I went to the front desk to complain. The lady, her name was Yvonne, stated that I booked the hotel through Expedia, not Holiday Inn, and I was her guest and they (Holiday Inn) hosted me. I showed her the page on my phone that clearly said Holiday Inn Midway Airport. She repeated that I booked through Expedia and there was nothing they could do. And the people who were in our room called us to say that we had opened the door! Who is this idiot who grants free access to two rooms without a key? Someone could have been shot. Still cuter. Your fault, not ours. Then I get angry, remembering that we mourn the death and funeral of our mother. It shows ZERO (0) sensitivity. She could care less. It was our fault.

We never knew we were talking to a third party booker. We asked, "Can we speak to a manager?" She claimed it wasn't there but she would tell us the same thing. At this point I am totally furious and swearing (less than 24 hours after putting our mother down) that the experience was horrible! Please do not go to this hotel! Also, our card was charged because we were accused of using items from their pantry. My wife had to physically show her the items being brought out BEFORE we entered. Apparently there is a sensor or something that triggers when you use the pantry. "Did Expedia do that?" I asked sarcastically.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (2)

Sam from Fort Pierce, FlaCertified appraiser

Original review: December 28, 2022

I was in Columbus, Ohio...I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at 4041 Hamilton Square Blvd in Groveport...They really treated me like family from day one...whether it was friendly chats at breakfast or in the Hallways traded... The staff was very friendly.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (3)

Jennie de Hastings, MNCertified appraiser

Original review: November 3, 2022

Walking into the lobby after a stay at Hampton Inns was like walking into the school lockers in a hotel lobby. Upon arriving at the front desk, I found it somewhat unusual for a person to stand sideways with their back to a screen recording video from at least 12 cameras or more nearby or on the property. She wasn't the person who was supposed to help us and didn't really acknowledge us until we spoke to the second woman at the table. I told her my name. When she asked for ID I said the room was booked with my friend's credit card and had my friend offer his ID and credit card like he does in any other hotel. She backed away. She said no. She wanted the identity of **...the surname under which the room was reserved. It was a first for me but it made the front desk person suspicious of me.

The friendly conversation broke off and she gave me my keys. She told me which way to go. As I was about to turn around, my wife came into the lobby with my service dog. She had the nerve to say to her colleague in front of me, "Look at that". I explained that it was my wife and my service dog. She clearly didn't believe me when I repeated, "Is that a service dog?" Yes. That's it. She didn't ask any of the legal questions about what she is doing for me, instead focusing on the size of the dog. The dog didn't bark and walked side by side with my wife. She was wearing her service dog vest.

When we got to our room I noticed that it appeared that someone had attempted to break into the room at some point in the past. The wood had splintered right by the door lock. Then we noticed that the room smelled like tobacco smoke. One of the Keurig coffee mugs was already open. It was unused but clearly perforated at the top and bottom. Above the Keurig was an architectural design. It was like a dead end chimney. It produced strange echoes and retained every smell. That explained the smell of tobacco when we arrived, except that it was a non-smoking hotel. The air conditioner filters were dirty. (We cleaned them so we could breathe better.)

The bathtub looked dirty. We soon found that this was because the water pooled at the bottom of the tub instead of draining away. It was slippery and slimy underneath. We had to wear water shoes in the shower...something I don't have to do at campsites! The sink was cracked. Even the soap in the sink spills uncomfortably through the sink. And good luck finding the towel by the sink. They are below the sink at knee height. The hotel knew that four people checked into the room with 2 queen beds. They provided us enough towels for 2 people. Breakfast, which Holiday Inn Express prides itself on, was nothing special at this hotel.

Owner's response. "Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that you felt that our staff did not treat your service dog well. I checked your check-in cameras; it looked like the staff were very happy to see your dog during the check - In reviewing the footage I timed the general manager and receptionist's conversations with two of their group to around 12 minutes, followed by the 4 Minutes Admiring Their Service Dog remember many of your conversations, about loving driving in NJ versus MN and comparing driving in different cities like LA, NY, MA and how your service dog is a living crane to assist with mobility, your issues with your room, if any, have been brought to our attention." Anthony**, Guest Relations Manager.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (4)

Hurricane Joshua C, UTCertified appraiser

(Video) Holiday Inn Express Breakfast & Room Tour - Best Free Breakfast!

Original review: October 5, 2022

IHG Gold Elite member, very experienced at the Holiday Inn... Many reviews we read after our stay in Globe, AZ corroborated our experience. Upon check in we were told that the elevator had broken down a week earlier due to a power outage. It's been broken for years...along with the hot tub, ice machines, access pads, you name it. Asked for a 1st floor room, nothing available. Many complaints from elderly and disabled people carrying luggage up stairs. I tried to hold my breath on the stairs, it smelled bad. Hallway was dirty. This hotel-wide smell dates back to 2019, according to other reviewers. The room was dirty, sheets missing. Bugs, cockroaches everywhere.

We slept with our clothes on the covers. My wife did not feel safe here. The bed was rock hard. IHG offered 10,000 points as an apology (not enough for 1 night). I refused... change of brand. Corporate responses to similar complaints are all the same and date back years, but nothing seems to have improved. Very disappointed with this brand.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (5)

Michelle de Marrero, L.A.Certified appraiser

Original review: September 29, 2022

Booked online and prepaid with Priceline for the wrong room type. I canceled the reservation and made a new one for the room type I wanted. I arrived at the hotel in Lawrenceville, GA. I went to the room and they took me to a room that I hadn't booked and which wasn't very clean. I went back to reception. The agent tells me they're fully booked and that's all that's left. I explained that I had booked several weeks before my arrival. how can you not accommodate me The level of respect they show to third party bookings is appalling. I paid in advance and should have secured my room. Stop overbooking hoping someone will cancel at the last minute. I've been to this place before with no problems. The carpet in the hallway was dirty and the room wasn't fresh and looked like it hadn't been properly sanitized. That was the worst vacation I've ever had. I will not stay here again.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (6)

Raphael of Kitchener, othersCertified appraiser

Original review: August 2, 2022

Holiday Inn Express, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. We arrived around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and checked in at reception. We were told the room wasn't ready and the cleaning team were working on it. I asked what is the check in time. We were told 3pm. We were dismissively asked to sit down. I asked to speak to the manager. We were told he would not be available until Monday. I asked to speak to someone in charge as the young lady I spoke to was gruff and defiantly obstructive. She explained that no one was responsible. She again asked us to sit down.

I asked for phone access so I could call Holiday Inn 1800 to speak to an officer and was denied. I asked for a card with the manager's name and contact number for company grievances. She roughly grabbed a cardholder on the counter and shouted "over there". The card had his name on it but not the number 1800. With that she sang "Have a nice day" as she turned around.

(Video) Hotel Review: Holiday Inn Express Hull City Centre, Hull, East Yorkshire, England - October 2022

At 4:40pm we were given cards for room 410. There was an 1800 number on the Holiday Inn notepad. I reiterated that it was the delay I objected to, but the dismissive rudeness. After a pause she reported that she called the inn and that a message would be put through to the manager who would be in touch with us first thing in the morning. I was not given any case numbers.

As we were leaving just before 10am I asked at reception if I could speak to the manager. The young lady on reception pretended not to know if he was inside and went in and into a nearby room, came out a few moments later and explained that he was getting ready for a conference call. The door closed behind her. She didn't offer us another moment to talk. At 2pm I called the 1800 number and decided to call back when it was convenient for the Holiday Inn. At 2:30 a.m. a call came back but I was immediately put on hold for another 15 minutes and gave up.

At 4pm I called again and ended up speaking to a young lady named Edwin. She said there was no record of my previous contact and I repeated the whole story again. She insisted that the manager was obliged to take care of it since I was still at the hotel. She assured me that she would call the hotel and he would get back to me. I informed her that I would be leaving tomorrow morning. She said it was 3pm and it was time. At that point it was 5 p.m. I never received calls from the manager.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (7)

Lana aus Baltic, SDCertified appraiser

Original review: June 15, 2022

Over Memorial Day weekend of 2022 we stayed in Omaha NE, centrally located on Dodge St. As we were unloading our luggage, the hotel-provided trolley rolled down the sloping driveway and when my 70-year-old sister grabbed it, it flipped and hit her face, causing her to bleed profusely. Upon entering the lobby, there was no one at the front desk. I screamed for help 3 times. We needed something to stop the bleeding that was running down her face and covering her chest. Eventually the clerk came and got a damp cloth for her. Her colleague's reaction was her dismay that someone was bleeding on "her" floor.

We got no help and decided to go to the emergency room. The median/island on the road outside required us to travel miles in the opposite direction to do a U-turn and come back. We were so frustrated trying to find the ER. I pulled over and called 911 for instructions. We were told we weren't far away and by then she was able to use pressure to stop the bleeding. We were close to a pharmacy so we decided to buy bandages and supplies there. I believe it would be logical and responsible for the employee to call 911 and wait for help. They helped with directions when we came back.

When we got back to the hotel we were told they would fill out an accident report, which they did after we went to our room. Since my sister was quite upset and disoriented, I suggested that they could at least tidy up the room, otherwise they wouldn't have done anything. The employee spoke to management at the time. Later, he asked my sister for her ID to add to the report, so she asked, “How can you submit a report? You weren't there and you don't know what happened.” It was based on what we said. My sister has since tried to get a response from management as promised by the employee and absolutely no response. She is therefore contacting a lawyer to pursue the matter further. Others should know that hotel chain prices do not guarantee good service.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (8)

Mihira de Puyallup, WACertified appraiser

Original review: June 5, 2022

I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express (formerly the Red Lion) on my trips to Portland for the past 4-5 years. Although I think it is an excellent and convenient location, I should also mention that the service at the hotel was excellent. On most of my visits, the front desk staff, Ms. ** and Mr. ** has always helped me with all my needs to the point where if I had a company in Portland I would offer them a job. In these unusual times we live in, Holiday Inn is fortunate to have qualified staff. I also feel that the overall look of the hotel has improved with the new franchise.

(Video) Review Holiday Inn Express Cape Town City Centre

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (9)

Melissa de Denver, COCertified appraiser

Original review: May 30, 2022

I noticed two authorizations on my debit card in the middle of the night. I immediately called my bank. After phoning them I thought I would be polite and give the hotel a chance to get their money back from the thieves by using my card on two of their rooms for two nights with a stolen card number (I had my card in mine Hand). Knowing this business I would not only lose my chargeback funds but also the room money. I thought it would do them good. The auditor said he would tell the manager. Authorizations were not processed that night so my bank did not complete the bridging loan which takes 10 business days.

Now, two weeks later, three days to the end of the month, I logged onto my home page to make a payment. processed. Now I go into my bank and now I have two charges for two Holiday Inn Express South Padre Texas hotel rooms. I'm calling the Bank of the USA. Well, guess what, since those charges weren't processed at the time, the bridging loan wasn't processed at that point. The Bank of the USA can do nothing. anything.

All they can do is "ask" the case manager to process an expedited request made 24 hours AFTER May 1st as it is a bank holiday weekend and key fraud case workers do not work on weekends, particularly on bank holiday weekends. I thought I was doing a good thing for this business but apparently this company knew it was a fraudulent charge, was told it was a fraudulent charge and not only let the thieves go but blamed them me two weeks later knowing it was a fraudulent charge. I called the hotel again today but the manager wasn't there so I couldn't figure out why they still processed this charge. And the US bank, I'm closing my accounts. I don't think such a big bank can issue a temporary loan for 10 working days.

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Top 799 Holiday Inn Express reviews (10)

Wayne from Irvine, CaliforniaCertified appraiserVerified buyer

Original review: May 26, 2022

I had a prepaid reservation on 05/21/22 for a 2 queen bed room at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Belmont, CA for 2 nights through T-Mobile Travel (aka Rocket Travel, Inc.) (confirmation code **) but when I checked in all the rooms were booked and only had 1 king bed. When I explained that I had a reservation for 2 queen beds, the clerk at the front desk explained that the reservation system did not show that I had a reservation for 2 queen beds, but instead showed "rooms open" so I didn't have any had other choice not to accept room #311 king bed which was totally unacceptable. If a room type has been booked and paid for in advance, I expect that room type to be "booked". I don't know who (T-Mobile Travel or Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites) screwed up, but hotel guests shouldn't have to deal with their mistake.

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