Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (2023)

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (1)

As we wrap up another exciting year in the Energy Workforce and usher in 2023, our Board, Advisory Board and I would like to thank you for your continued support, dedication and commitment to the Association as we work to educate others about the safe, reliable and affordable energy that our industry delivers to our country and the world. Members inspire us every day, and we're here to help you solve the challenges facing the industry.

The Energy Workforce is committed to serving you, and we have created outreach, engagement, communications and public relations teams to support that effort. Communicating with stakeholders, particularly government leaders, about the value of your work, the innovation and ingenuity of our member companies, and how our industry supports national and economic security is critical to the success of the industry.

The 2022 Fly-In in Washington, DC was a huge success, including discussions with more than 40 members of Congress and senior administration officials. Planning for the 2023 fly-in in Washington, DC is underway. The Energy Workforce will host members on February 7-9 for meetings on Capitol Hill and with management to discuss the important work our sector is doing. If you haven't already, sign up for the triphere. Your participation is extremely valuable as we deliver our message to Congress and the administration.

In addition, during the past year, the government affairs team held more than 100 meetings with members of Congress, hosted nine events for local officials, and hosted Texas Congressman-elect Wesley Hunt for a tour of member company locations in the Permian Basin. Tim Tarpley, senior vice president of government affairs, also had a face-to-face meeting with Undersecretary for Energy David Turk.

The Energy Workforce provided important testimonies on issues plaguing the industry. I testified before a joint hearing of the Congressional Western Caucus and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Tim Tarpley testified before the Republican Forum of the House Natural Resources Committee and at the state level submitted a testimony to the Texas Council on Environmental Quality regarding abandoned wells in Texas.

The communications team increased media reach by 25% compared to last year. In 2022, Energy Workforce had nearly 1 billion media views across 139 locations worth more than $8.8 million in earned media. Top media hits included Politico, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX News, Reuters, Forbes, Financial Times, The Hill, Axios, Cheddar, Houston Chronicle and many more.

Our social media engagement also continued to grow, with a 35% increase in followers and almost 1 billion impressions on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Additionally, audience response and engagement more than doubled. We invite you to take part with usLinkedIn,Facebookjblood.

At the regulatory level, the Energy Workforce worked with federal agencies on the proposed regulations, and member-led working groups developed official comments on the proposed regulations, including the SEC's ESG report proposal, EPA's methane regulations, NEPA amendments, and the Inflation Mitigation Act tax credits for new ones Energy. Technologies and the Greenhouse Gas Fund.

The advocacy team has also formed working groups to prepare comments on several proposed rules due in early 2023, including the latest EPA supplemental rule on methane and ESG reporting requirements for government contracts. We will also be submitting official comments on a Home Office methane rule.

In addition, we work in committees to create best practice documents and develop industrial emissions standards for member company operations.

ThatWell Maintenance Committeeworking with OSHA on a proposed base beam hazard warning, preparing a well control training program, finalizing updates to the Well Maintenance Best Practices document, preparing a publication on the number of maintenance facilities, and preparing a technical report on best practices for orphan wells .

ThatWell Stimulation Services Committeeis focused on advocating for issues specific to hydraulic fracturing and pressure pumping, evaluating and recommending actions to address regulatory challenges, and finalizing its best practice document on the appropriate use of natural gas in this area. This document will be one of the industry's first best practice documents specific to well stimulation.

ThatEnergy Technology Committeeled engagement efforts on the Reduction of Inflation Act, which included providing direct feedback to relevant regulators on implementation, educating members on opportunities and challenges for the energy industry. The committee leads the Energy Workforce's efforts to respond to the SEC's proposed Weather Disclosures Rule and to prepare members for its disclosure through the exchange of best practices.

HSE,ESGjEnergy Technologycommitteeshas launched an emissions working group to compile industry-led best practices around on-site greenhouse gas emissions reporting, which will meet by next year.

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (2)

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (3)

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (4)

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (5)

Developing, retaining and hiring energy workers for today and tomorrow is a top energy worker priority and paramount to the success of our industry. This year we launched field service and operational training programs in addition to the existing year-long leadership coaching, ESG and Inclusive Leader courses. The Energy Workforce has tripled the number of participants in these programs in 2021 andRegistration is openfor the 2023 courses.

We continue to invest in the future of the industry through the national grant program for member company employees and their families. For the 2022-2023 school year, the Energy Workforce awarded $39,000 to 39 students. Applications for the 2023-2024 program will be accepted from mid-January.

In addition to being major fundraisers for the regional grant program, Energy Workforce's regional chapters hosted numerous networking events and gatherings where members came together to form strategic relationships with local stakeholders and hear from operator executives and analysts.

International chapters are essential for members working and living in Latin America and the Middle East. The Middle East Chapter recently held several ADIPEC side meetings and events that sparked critical discussions about the workforce and reduced carbon intensity to support regional energy priorities.

The Energy Workforce continues to foster the creation of cultures that attract the talent needed to meet growing energy needs. The Human Resources Committee has partnered with PwC for a series of employment webinars. Members discussed a variety of topics throughout the series, including compensation, attracting and retaining talent, managing a hybrid workforce, and employee experience.

ThatInvestments Committeereleased an updateDEI-Toolboxfor members with tools for middle management and operations that are continuously updated and provide members with the latest information on recruiting, retaining and managing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Energy Workforce knows that networking with industry partners is valuable to our members. We continue to invite senior executives from key accounts to share their plans and discuss how they would like to work with the industry. Additionally, COO Molly Determan and I represent the industry and member companies in various E&P forums, discussing the challenges vendors face and how we can work together to address these issues and ensure project success.

I'm proud of the work our members do to ensure our fellow Americans and consumers around the world have access to reliable and affordable energy. Without their work, innovation and commitment, many more people would be living in energy poverty, we would be paying higher prices and our energy security would be even more at risk.

The Energy Workforce tells our story and stands up for you. With your votes, our impact is even more successful. Join us on social media, share your story with friends, neighbors and others in your community. They are the best ambassadors in the industry!

I'm optimistic about our industry and the year ahead. Our workforce is growing, our production continues to increase, demand is increasing, and industry is delivering and implementing new and innovative technologies to further reduce emissions while expanding production to meet growing global demand.

My best wishes to you and your families in the New Year.

Reflections on 2022: Elevating the Workforce and Telling Our Story - Leslie Beyer: CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council (6)

Leslie Beyer
CEO des Energy Workforce and Technology Council

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