How we use the everysocial platform to get results (2023)

By the end of your visit to the EveryoneSocial website, you will learn a few things about our company and products:

  • We're a leading employee advocacy platform that keeps employees connected, creating and sharing content - no matter where they work.
  • We work with some of the largest companies in the world (e.g. Dell, Indeed, ADP, Teradata, United Airlines, etc.).
  • We love providing educational material and information on the value of social media, employee engagement, employer branding, employee communications and more.

While we can continue to talk about all of our amazing customers and the impact EveryoneSocial is making on their business in so many ways, we wanted to take it a step further.

As we use our own product every day, I would like to share some data and insights into our own use cases.

And our own use of the platform is not only to test product ideas and features, but also to build our brand, improve sales, build an internal working community, keep employee engagement high, and provide business transparency to all.

  • Internally using EveryoneSocial
  • A look at some dates
  • How we use our own platform
  • How our employees use the platform

Using TodosSocial in TodosSocial

At the core of the EverySocial platform is the ability to source, review, consume and publish content in minutes instead of hours.

This will also be the core value of our platform, which can be used across the organization – not just in one department.

Certainly the marketing and sales aspects are the main areas and use cases. So I'll start there with the value.

But as you'll see, our team of 30+ (and growing!) uses the platform for a variety of reasons. And every use case has a positive and beneficial impact on our business.

A look at some data first

Well, this data was taken mid-December 2020, so remember that our social accounts and reach are certainly growing and have probably increased since this was written. I will come in here and update regularly.

As of December 2020, the top EveryoneSocial social accounts have:

  • Linkedin: 2,552 followers, and counting
  • Twitter: 3.270 Follower
  • Facebook: 16.134 Follower

That's over 22,000 branded accounts. It's worth noting that our primary focus over the past few years has been LinkedIn for branded accounts. In the early days of high engagement on Facebook, we were able to grow our page significantly, but have since slowed down.

Let's now turn to our employees.

As of December 2020 we have just over 30 employees and the total reach is:72.000+.

Slightly larger than our own brand accounts, actually about 3.5 times larger. And not everyone has all of their major social accounts connected, most only have LinkedIn and Twitter. So our total reach of all employees is slightly higher.

Let's do some simple calculations

We're a smaller company and we're still growing, but think about your organization or some of our customers with 10,000+ employees.

Regardless of whether everyone is sharing or engaging (there's probably never going to be 100% adoption), but let's conservatively say 50%. Remember that for later.

In addition, we found that the average employee has 1,000 social contacts. So if you multiply that connection value by 50% (5,000 employees) from the example, you get 5,000,000 total reach!

This can be much more than just branded accounts - or in this case - a useful addition to your company's social accounts.

And we can also consider that employees who participate organically in a social worker advocacy programGrow your social networks by more than 10% per year.We found that out by analyzing our owncustomer data.

(Video) Video Dashboard Review & Bonus - leverage Every Social Platform from ONE Dashboard

In this way, the reach of over 5,000,000 can grow every year, even without adding additional employees to the program. Wow!

However, remember that beyond the social reach, employee advocacy programs are used for a variety of purposes that serve your organization well.

Related: Teradata enabled over 900 employees on EveryoneSocial and found that its social reach surpassed the company's combined LinkedIn and Twitter following.Read more about their social program.

Top examples of how we use our own product

Each customer uses EveryoneSocial in a unique way, emphasizing certain needs over others. there are many in commonEmployee representation campaignsCompany drive, but also very original.

For example, we have some clients that use EveryoneSocial primarily as a sales tool, while others operate company-wide and see that there is strong employee engagement and a community hub that everyone can access.

We fall into the category of giving access to all employees to ensure we improve the business in every way. But I'll go into more detail on that below.

Marketing, brand, social media

EveryoneSocial is a perfect complement to our own marketing and social media initiatives. And there are a few ways to use our software for this area.

Expand the share and reach of blog posts, guides, content, etc.

We will provide content copies and hashtags, but we always allow team members to add their own comments.

While every organization is different and adheres to strict regulations, it's more authentic when it's in the "voice of the employee" rather than the writing of the marketing team.

We have the ability to add necessary disclosures or hashtags, which is more efficient than always blocking comments.

The other marketing effects here are more social traffic, expanded content reach, more social leads, and greater content authority.

Content shared by employees gets 8x more engagement than content shared through branded channels. (social media today)

Drive social growth in branded accounts with our “Engage” option

LinkedIn has been our biggest focus here, but essentially there are a few elements to making money from branded LinkedIn accounts.

Many people say that these accounts are not the best today and the content must come from real people. While we agree that employee content and interactions tend to be better, you can't neglect branded accounts either.

Here's a screenshot of our Customer of the Month we built from our Engage feature.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (1)

We don't use Engage on every post, but we do focus on important content for our team to collect.

This helps see social content in more feeds, helps others get involved, and can help content "trend" on key hashtags for more brand exposure. As in the example above, here is the trend for the past week.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (2)

And remember, what people engage in can appear in their contacts' feeds, increasing reach and creating a "network effect."

(Video) How to Evaluate the Results of Your Social Media Campaigns

Think it's not working? Check out our last 30 days on our company page on Linkedin. We don't have a large LinkedIn Page follower base yet (we will!), but we do have over 300,000 post impressions.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (3)

This is a combination of consistently interesting content and using the "Engage" feature to generate more exposure.

Not too shabby, right?

Transparency about what our marketing team is doing

While my team and I are the owners and gatekeepers of marketing, it's nice to share what we're working on with everyone.

This keeps the organization on track, feels on top of things, and encourages them to contribute ideas that we can use to improve our own efforts.

And those updates include new marketing achievements, reporting dashboards, key milestones, and all the cool stuff other members of the marketing team are doing.

Also, updates don't come from just one person, everyone on the marketing team is encouraged to share their work.

EveryoneSocial features that support marketing and brand outcomes

  • Push notifications to get content to people quickly
  • Interaction buttons to promote branded content
  • Important posts pinned in groups
  • Personalized comments to share on social networks
  • Email newsletter summary for main content
  • Internal posts for marketing team updates and ideas only
  • Analytics to see what content best suits our team

Sales, Social Selling and Sales Enablement

While a lot of what we use on our platform with the marketing side translates to sales, the sales team also has specific use cases.

As you may know, social selling and sales enablement is a crucial part of the selling process and closing the deal. See how we use EveryoneSocial in our sales efforts.

Organize sales materials for easy access and sharing

With any sales team, collateral can become disorganized and overwhelming. However, our sales team uses EveryoneSocial to upload the latest case studies, guides, presentations or any other relevant content that they want to revisit or share on their networks.

It's also a great way to share ideas and requirements for new guarantees that may be needed in the near future.

Keep an eye on competitors or potential customers

Adding some elements of social listening helps our sales team stay on top of what other companies in our space are creating or sharing.

While we all don't spend a lot of time worrying about competitors, it's nice to have a few streams of content to keep us in the loop.

This is also used for targeted accounts or prospects to ensure engagement and share relevant content for them.

Build your own thought leadership

Because social media is an amazing area to build relationships and attract prospects, healthy content posts and relatable content to share help our sales team build their expertise and trust across their networks.

Our sales team uses the platform to find relevant content to distribute across their networks to generate more brand and product interest.

For insider sales updates

While each department can be isolated at times, not knowing what others are working on, our sales leaders use EveryoneSocial to provide weekly updates on new opportunities, new customers and any insights during sales calls.

In previous companies I've worked for, I had no idea where the overall business was or what business was coming in. Sometimes we would know in a year in review, but I've been in the dark all year. I felt disconnected from the team and the company.

But our sales team shares when new deals are signed and the amounts, weekly updates and other cool stuff so we all know what kind of revenue is coming in.

(Video) How to Find a Person’s Social Media Footprint Using Maltego in 5 Minutes

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (4)

Help improve overall sales promotions

Since everyone has access to the platform, it's a great way to keep sales updated on marketing, product, customer success, and other pertinent information that will help them sell better.

And it opens up discussions about needs or wants between the different teams.

There was a lot of internal discussion with the sales teams who created great new content or collateral based on ideas and other shared knowledge.

Strategic use of the “Engage” button

The "Engagement" button can help members of the organization drive large amounts of traffic to a prospect's post, or to the customer's post.

We like to do this occasionally to show support, to interact and get more exposure for both company members and to promote the post so more people see it.

Features that support sales and promotions

  • Groups for organizing content or social listening
  • Private groups to guarantee inside sales
  • Discussion to start conversations with other teams to stay in the loop
  • Salesforce integration to use EveryoneSocial without leaving the CRM
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go sales, events and easy updates on busy sales days
  • Interaction buttons to draw attention to social posts from customers and prospects

Employee engagement, employer branding

While we know the power of employee engagement and employer branding, the need has increased significantly due to COVID-19 and the coming together of more distributed teams.

Keeping your entire organization as a community, being connected with colleagues and seeing transparent information about your company has major business implications.

And I've grouped employer branding here because it's important to show how great our organization is and how the people who successfully lead it help drive the company forward and attract the best talent to our team.

Make up pieces to stimulate discussion

Everyone's thoughts and ideas are encouraged on EveryoneSocial, so our team is active in sharing content for discussion. This can be industry news, product ideas, new processes, strategies, random thoughts, etc.

Important company news and leadership updates

Nothing is secret between the EveryoneSocial teams, be it corporate goals or business finances. This keeps everyone informed and more engaged.

Using different content resources to be more personalized and engaging

We want employees to come back to the platform, but also find everything interesting. Not only do we encourage them to create content and pursue their own interests, we also encourage them to take advantage of the various content features.

Like browser extensions to send interesting content they discover to share, upload videos or photos of something interesting or important, etc. When content comes from everyone and not just executives or 2-3 people, engagement increases!

We use it to highlight new hires and collaborators

When someone joins our team, we're happy to add their Linkedin profile and write about the new person. We encourage everyone to reach out to them and leave a warm welcome comment under the inside post.

It helps new employees feel welcome and connects everyone. If an employee has a great social media post, we'll add it to EveryoneSocial to get together. This can lead to more engagement, reach, and new network followers for that person.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (5)

New job advertisements and recruitment materials

To help spread the word about EveryoneSocial's job openings, we'll be adding them to the platform for everyone on the team to help spread across their networks.

Likewise, we add and curate recruitment or employer branding content that showcases our work culture. This has been great for attracting top talent and generating more engagement with our brand.

Branded corporate culture or engagement content engagement

We will also be embedding our employer branding and recruiting content from our branded accounts on the platform. This also serves to encourage employees to like, comment or re-share this content. This also helps generate more engagement and reach for these types of posts.

Content, links or other materials related to hiring employees

For example, we have content groups on diversity and inclusion, but also important notes or content on onboarding materials for new hires.

(Video) Elon Musk: "DELETE Your Social Media NOW!" - Here's Why!

With our efforts in employee engagement and employer branding, these ideas above only scratch the surface. This is how we currently use it, but many of our customers go beyond that. Many also use the leaderboard and gamification options to encourage more engagement with friendly competition and exclusive prizes.

Resources to drive engagement and employer branding:

  • Internal posts that any employee can create
  • Groups related to culture and recruitment
  • Interaction buttons to get in touch with new employees
  • Analytics to see what content resonates with people the most
  • Gamification and leaderboards to increase engagement and culture

Internal communication and collaboration

Similar to some aspects of employee engagement, we also use the EverySocial platform to streamline communication and collaboration.

While 80% of the team is located in the Salt Lake City area, there are distributed teams and some teammates who are also located in the Austin office. Keeping everyone connected and collaborating is enhanced by using the EveryoneSocial platform.

By using this as an internal tool, we see more employees contributing ideas, sharing knowledge and connecting with other team members from different departments.

Important company announcements

Each team also uses this to maintain full transparency, but Cameron (CEO) and even the board members share interesting content and insights into the business. This helps our team feel valued and aware of what is happening on a consistent basis.

We also set daily emails for everyone from the platform for top news and push notifications sent to apps or emails for something important. We have this more active cadence, but customers can choose the frequency according to their needs.

There is also a more detailed newsletter that we can send out as well, but we don't currently use it as we have daily summary emails.

Become a connected community

As a growing company, it's relatively easy for us to keep track of all team members, their departments and information about them.

However, each employee gets their own profile on EveryoneSocial, as in the image below.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (6)

It's cool to follow them and include their content in your feed, see important information about their work and contact information, etc.

We've found this feature to be extremely useful for large organizations with thousands of people on the platform.

It's difficult to meet new people or put names to faces, especially when working remotely. But now you can connect on social channels, learn more about colleagues and follow their content on EveryoneSocial.

How we use the everysocial platform to get results (7)

Better collaboration and discussions

One of the added benefits of EveryoneSocial is the ability to get feedback and insights from other colleagues. And not only that, but real-time discussions where I can tag specific people that might be important.

The ability to collaborate and communicate is incredibly helpful, especially in a remote work environment or on the go. This means real-time communication can take place across desktop and mobile apps.

And the tag or comment then notifies the person so nothing important is missed. Win!

Internal engagement analysis

Analysis and data are useful for the external side, especially for marketing and sales. As well as our internal program administrators.

It lets us know what content resonates well, what type of content could be more interesting, and how things are involved. And individual employees can also view their own reporting data.

But as an admin I not only see the external data, but also the internal data.

(Video) How to Find & Scrape All the Social Media Profiles & Communities Anyone is Active On

This internal information can help you see the number of users, groups, posts, likes, and discussions happening over a specific period of time. This helps us understand how active other employees are and if they are engaged.

Functions used for communication and collaboration:

  • Internal releases of only relevant information
  • Discussions on each post with tagging and engagement features
  • Built-in reports to see how everyone is connected and engaged
  • Push notifications via app and email to ensure important information is not missed
  • Ability to create specific groups for content and collaboration purposes

What do EveryoneSocial employees use the platform for?

Of course, it's fair to say that these employee responses are a bit biased, but that's exactly why our team uses EveryoneSocial.

  • "I'm new, but what I see is that people tend to focus on new or innovative ideas. It's a good place to see what's on their minds and where things are trending. It can allow a community of an idea to grow or even discuss before releasing something to the world.”
  • "For more internal knowledge of what is happening in the different areas of the company."
  • "Share data and articles that are attractive to customers/prospects."
  • "I publish thought leadership content, social selling and expand my network."
  • "Internal Communications - I'd like to know what's happening on EveryoneSocial."
  • "EveryoneSocial made it so easy for me to connect company-wide on LinkedIn when I joined as a new hire - my network has grown so much in such a short amount of time!"
  • "I see all the content that is available to share, but also to read and learn about the product and the industry."

Resources for employee advocacy


  • Employee Feedback Report: What people think about social media at work
  • The business case for employee representation
  • The buyer's guide to employee representation: Acceptance, Adoption, Scaling

customer stories:

  • Womble Bond Dickinson activates over 450 lawyers on EveryoneSocial
  • How American Family Insurance supports its brand ambassadors online
  • Adobe activates employees on EveryoneSocial, expanding social reach by more than 3 million


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