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Political Analysis

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Author: Colin Heu
editor: Editorial Bloomsbury
All pages: 314
release: 2017-03-14
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: 9780230629110

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Political Analysis provides an accessible and engaging, yet original introduction to, and a distinctive contribution to, the analysis of political structures, institutions, ideas, and behaviors, and most importantly, to the political processes by which they are constantly manufactured and reshaped. After an innovative introduction to the main approaches and concepts of political analysis, the text focuses thematically on the key issues that currently concern and divide political analysts, including the limits of the political; the question of structure, agency and power; the dynamics of political change; the relative importance of ideas and material factors; and the challenge of postmodernism, which the author argues that the discipline can be empowering in confronting without becoming a recipe for paralysis.

Introduction to Political Analysis

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Author: David Ernst Apter
editor: A stranger
All pages: 584
release: 1977
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: Unit of measure: 39015013344414

Download the book Introduction to Political Analysis in PDF, Epub and Kindle

The foundations of political analysis.

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Author: Philip H. Pollock III, Barry C. Edwards
editor: CQ-Press
All pages: 368
release: 2019-07-18
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: 9781506379586

Download the book The Fundamentals of Political Analysis in PDF, Epub and Kindle formats

Pollock and Edwards explain the basics of research design and data analysis in a clear and concise style. The Essential of Political Analysis is an intuitive introduction to complex material, replete with examples from the political science literature that bring relevance to statistical concepts. This text provides students with an excellent balance of technique and practice." —Francis Neely, San Francisco State University Gain the skills you need to conduct political analysis and critically evaluate statistical research. In this sixth edition of The Essentials of Political Science , Best: Bestselling authors Philip H. Pollock III and Barry C. Edwards strengthen students' analytical skills and develop their statistical reasoning with new data, new exercises, and accessible examples.This short, accessible guide takes students through through what really matters: measuring concepts, formulating and testing hypotheses, describing variables and using key terms, chapter-opening objectives, more than 80 tables and figures, and hands-on exercises for them to apply and apply their new skills Use SPSS, STATA or R. Discounted package deals are available available with attached Philip workbooks H. Pollock. For more information, see the Packages tab or contact your SAGE | CQ Press sales reps give your students the SAGE advantage! SAGE edge offers a robust online environment with an impressive array of free tools and resources to review, study and further explore, keeping both teachers and students at the forefront of teaching and learning. Learn more at

Introduction to relational political analysis

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Author: Peeter Selg, Andreas Ventsel
editor: Springer Nature
All pages: 319
release: 2020-09-21
Gender: Social Sciences
ISBN: 9783030487805

Download the book Introduction to Relational Political Analysis in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This book introduces relational thinking to political analysis. Rather than simply providing an overview of possible ways to articulate a relational analysis of politics, Peeter Selg and Andreas Ventsel present a concrete relational theory of the political that has implications for research methodology and culminates in a concrete method that called analysis of political form. In addition, they describe various applications of this theory, methodology, and method. They call their approach "political semiotics" and argue that this is a fruitful avenue to explore power, governance and democracy, the central dimensions of the political, in a way that is reflected in many discussions of the "relational turn" in the social. sciences It is the first monograph that attempts to outline a consistently relational approach to the political, from its metatheoretical and theoretical premises to its methodological implications, methods, and empirical applications.

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Political Analysis of Public Policies

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Author: Joyce M. Mitchell, William C. Mitchell
editor: A stranger
All pages: 720
release: 1969
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: STANFORD:36105034930730


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Download the book Political Analysis Public Policy in PDF, Epub and Kindle format

Political Science and International Relations

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Author: Heather Savigny, Lee Marsden
editor: Editorial Bloomsbury
All pages: 272
release: 2011-05-24
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: 9780230344136

Download the book "Doing Political Science and International Relations" in PDF, Epub and Kindle

This is an ideal starting point for anyone beginning a career in politics or international relations. Starting from the premise that the "doing" of political science is an active and interactive process of critical evaluation, it raises the crucial question of how and what we should study. The book examines a wide range of theoretical perspectives and shows how they can be meaningfully applied to questions like "Why do states go to war?" and 'In whose interest does the political system function?' The chapters are organized by core areas of study, such as power, state, politics, institutions, media, security, political economy, and show how the theories within each topic can be used and applied.


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Author: Peter Ferdinand, Robert Garner, Stephanie Lawson
editor: Oxford University Press
All pages: 589
release: 2018
Gender: Political Sciences
ISBN: 9780198787983
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Download the Policy Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

With an unmatched combination of exceptional clarity and intelligent analysis, Politics is the perfect introduction to political studies. Written specifically for college students, this is the only introductory politics course that combines genuine accessibility and an analytical approach, encouraging critical study and engaged debate from the start of college studies. In addition to a comprehensive presentation of concepts, approaches, and ideologies, the book contains chapters on all the essential elements of political science, from institutions and states to security, political economy, civil society, and the media, making it an ideal text for a wide range of policy courses. Current debates and major developments in contemporary politics are considered, with coverage of the rise of populism, Brexit and the Trump presidency, as well as a wide range of case studies and international examples. Politics also features a vibrant, accessible design and a host of helpful learning features, including Key Points, Case Studies, Key Debates, Key Thinkers, Key Quotes, and Questions. The book is also fully supported by online resources to help students further their learning. For students: - Test your knowledge of the chapters and get instant feedback with multiple choice questions online. - Advance your learning with relevant web links to trusted online content. - Review key terms and concepts from the text with a digital flash card glossary. - Learn about the ideas and backgrounds of key thinkers. For Registered Instructors: - Reinforce the key themes of each chapter with suggested tutorials and essay questions. - Integrate active learning into your seminars with policy scenarios, discussion questions, and lesson notes. - Use customizable PowerPoint slides as the basis for conference presentations or as class handouts. - Assess student learning with a pre-built test bank that can be customized to meet your needs.

Praxeological political analysis

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Author: Michael Jonas, Beate Littig
editor: Taylor and Francis
All pages: 212
release: 2016-11-03
Gender: Social Sciences
ISBN: 9781317241140

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Download the book Praxeological Political Analysis in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Given the growing interest in practice, theory, and praxeology, praxeology can be seen as a new emerging theoretical and methodological paradigm that successfully overcomes the epistemological dichotomies of conventional approaches. The articles in this volume serve as starting points to make contemporary theoretical-practical approaches usable for the analysis of political events and processes without a priori reducing the political aspect to the formal political realm. In this context, the analysis of praxeological politics shows that praxeological research is increasingly concerned with issues that are considered virulent in the areas of consumption, sustainability or politics, for example. Building on this political-analytic approach, this title also attempts to broaden the current state of the primarily political-scientific adaptation of theoretical-practical approaches to the analysis of predominantly narrowly defined political practices. Written with an explicit focus on various political aspects and dimensions of the performative enactment of social practices, this degree is intended for graduate students and scholars interested in political sociology, social and public policy, developments in social theory, and political research methods. .


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