18-foot above-ground round pools (2023)



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  • The installation:Above the ground,Semi Inground,In the ground
  • Wall Height: 48″
  • Pool diameter: 18 foot pool
  • Customizable for any backyard
  • Real wood construction, complements any deck
  • Pure vinyl pool liner, pool skimmer and wall foam included
  • Walk-in ladder, winter cover, self-draining, LED lights and water ionizer are optional

18-foot above-ground round pools (1)


18-foot above-ground round pools (2)




“So far we are very happy with our Crestwood pool. It's a 24 lap pool that we built into the backyard patio. It's still as good as the day it was installed. We couldn't have picked a better pool. Our 6 grandchildren were We were very young when we got our pool and it has made summer visits spectacular, our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and other family members continue to enjoy our pool each summer.

Ed & DianaCrestwood Customer

"We have had our Crestwood above ground for eleven years now. We can only praise the great looks which really enhances the beauty of our garden and the fact that no maintenance is required. Thumbs up and a ++ rating."

HowardCrestwood Customer

"Owned for 10 years...impeccable product and service. My questions and concerns are addressed directly by the CEO. All parts, service and support are readily available. I would highly recommend Crestwood as your next above ground pool."

(Video) Installing An Above Ground Pool 18 Foot Round DIY

WilsonCrestwood Customer




what is includedFeatures, options and green technology!

What's in it


18-foot above-ground round pools (3)

  • User Manual (printed and downloadable)
  • All vinyl ribbed pool liner
  • Pool skimmer and return valve
  • Printed warranty and registration
  • wall foam

Choose your

coating styles

18-foot above-ground round pools (4)

The attractive Crestwood tile border and fully printed liners are real 20 mil vinyl. Both the floor and wall are made of the same 20 mil (unlike others who can use a lighter gauge for the floor). Savannah Tile Sandstone Print is standard and all other patterns below are available as options at an additional cost. Colors may not be accurately reproduced from the original slide show vinyl.

Why we only use VIRGIN 20 mil non-embossed vinyl.
Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, resulting in an inferior product that is more likely to tear, wear unevenly, or fail prematurely. The image below shows how embossed vinyl measures the caliper at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley, which is true caliper. That isNOan option for Crestwood ceilings.

All of our paneling materials are unembossed, which represents true thickness.



18-foot above-ground round pools (5)

Get a real in-ground pool featurewith our exclusive walk-ladder option. We install (4) steps with our custom design. They can be added to any of oursrepeateoval pools. Our ladder system provides safe and easy access to the pool. Ideal for all ages, the ladder doubles as a bench to relax on and is ideal for teaching children to swim. They are made from galvanized steel to ensure quality and lasting durability. Stairs are installed under the custom-fit liner to ensure they are secure for an unparalleled look. There are many options for ladder systems in the pool industry, but NOTHING beats the Crestwood ladder system. Normally only available for in-ground pools, it's another unique Crestwood design that adds convenience and value. These ladders are manufactured to our strict quality control standards to last MANY years. They are a perfect addition to your new Crestwood pool.

(Video) Intex 18ft X 52in Ultra XTR Pool Review


green technology

18-foot above-ground round pools (7)

18-foot above-ground round pools (8)

Alternative water treatment - electronic water treatment

Crestwood Pools is absolutely committed to bringing you a great product at a great price, we've taken it one step further. Now you can continue to save with ourCrestwood-PoolsGreen Technologies. These selected components have been designed for maximum compatibility with your new pool and of course maximum value.

While others fret over the lack of energy, you can proudly spend your hard-earned extra cash on all those BBQs your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

  • It is worth switching to ionization. The returns are cash, time savings, better health, and the joy of clean, pure water.
  • Swim in pure mineral water
  • Eliminate the daily dosing and handling of chemicals
  • Save thousands in future chemical costs
  • 5 year guarantee

18-foot above-ground round pools (9)

18-foot above-ground round pools (10)


Covers, lights and sneakers

18-foot above-ground round pools (11)

Beaded winter cover

Crestwood's custom winter covers are proven to last. Each cover is easy to install and completely seals out winter dirt and debris. Your pool will remain attractive all year round with minimal maintenance. Our UNIQUE drain option eliminates the need to vacuum or pump water/snow buildup from the lid. This feature gives you the peace of mind of "lock up and forget" by Spring!!

18-foot above-ground round pools (12)

18-foot above-ground round pools (13)

(Video) Installing Coleman 22 ft Power Steel Above Ground Pool

Pool LED Lights

LED Lamps and Lights - We offer LED lights to fit most standard pool lighting niches. They use 85% less electricity and the bulbs last much longer. We also offer LED bulbs that can be used in standard lights.

BOWSWIM endurance trainer

Crestwood Pools offers more than just a dip after a long day at work. Swimming is one of the most complete sports you can do. There are LOTS of options when looking for a training swim setup. Swim spas seem to be all the rage. While they certainly provide a good workout, they also cost HUGE amounts of money. Our thought is simple: why spend $15,000 plus electricity costs to run it on a setup you have to stop training to adjust if you want to slow it down or speed it up when you can spend a fraction of that cost on a Crestwood can with a Bowswim™. The beauty of bowswim is that if you want to go faster, you swim faster. If you want to slow down, swim slower. It requires NOTHING more than setting up to use. No moving parts to break, no electricity to incur costs.

Replacing expensive pumps is another disadvantage of a swim spa. If the pump breaks, you can bet you'll spend HUGE amounts of money to replace it. A Crestwood pool equipped with a Bowswim™ allows you to exercise and cool off in your pool. It's literally the best of both worlds! Another advantage Crestwood has over swim spas is that it is not limited to facilities where a large entrance is required. Swim spas are large and can be difficult to install. In some cases, installation requires a crane. With Crestwood, wherever you can load components, they can be installed with relative ease.

18-foot above-ground round pools (14)

18-foot above-ground round pools (15)


in pools

What types of pools are there?

There are two main types of pools:Underground and above ground.The initial difference is how the pool is installed. Inground pools are built into the ground. Above ground pools are built on the ground. Some of the most important decision factors have to do with cost, maintenance, features, aesthetics and water temperature. If you are on a large/unlimited budget and want a feature-rich pool, you may prefer an inground pool. If you want a feature-packed pool that costs less, requires less maintenance, looks more natural than an in-ground pool, and stays warm year-round, you'd be better off with oneAbove ground pool made of wood.

Questions about pools? Call Rich607-786-0010

What is an above ground pool?

above ground poolsare built on the ground. The benefits of an above ground pool include accessibility, quick installation, and the ability to add or incorporate a patio. However, there are downsides to using an aluminum or steel above ground pool. These disadvantages include aesthetics that don't match your yard, average durability, and difficulty in selling your home and/or moving your above ground pool to a new residence. If you choose awooden pool,You get a more natural environment in your garden, increase resale value and make it easier to transport the pool to a new home.

What is an inground pool?

Inground pools are built into the ground. The advantages of an inground pool include features, customization options, aesthetics and resale value. However,there are disadvantagesif you use an in-ground pool. These disadvantages include the high installation cost, the cost to remove an in-ground pool if necessary plus possible local regulations and taxes, more time to clean the pool and a higher electricity bill to heat the pool (such as stairs or LED lights), adjustment , aesthetics and resale value at a fraction of the cost, consider an above ground timber.

Questions about pools? Call Crestwood607-786-0010

(Video) How To Install An Above Ground Pool

How much does a pool cost?

Is nach ArtSwimming pool-Inground or above ground pools can range from $1,000 to over $100,000. This does not take into account labor and installation costs, potential local property taxes, environmental improvements required by local codes, repairs and increased utilities such as electricity. see oursPool cost table by state. When comparing pool types, above ground pools are the most affordable due to the quick installation and minimal labor involved. To further increase cost savings, some pool owners are opting for an above ground do-it-yourself pool kit.

What is the most common pool size?

When it comes to in-ground pools, their curved, kidney-shaped design makes it hard to measure, but we've seen some 16' x 32' rectangular in-ground pools. The depths of the underground pools vary widely and it is one of the most popular areas due to its popularity with divers. Above ground pools generally range in depth from 4 to 5 feet, while their dimensions vary depending on whether you choose a rectangular, round, or oval pool. We sell round pools with width27 feet, and oval pools33 feetin length. Most, if not all, above-ground pools don't allow diving and jumping due to their shallower depths, making them more popular with families practicing pool safety.


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